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Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heater

Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heater

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The Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heater models are floor mounted and serve as the backbone of commercial saunas, widely used in gyms, fitness centers, and hotels globally.

The Homecraft FHSH12 Commercial Sauna Heater (12,000 watts) requires a minimum ceiling height of 84". It is ideal for rooms sized 450-700 cubic feet, needing a 50amp circuit breaker and 8-gauge 90-degree copper wiring. The TKE2-3 heater control, essential for operation, is included in the FHSH12's price.

The Homecraft FHSH15 Commercial Sauna Heater (15,000 watts) also requires a minimum ceiling height of 84". Suitable for rooms sized 600-900 cubic feet, it requires a 60amp circuit breaker and 6-gauge 90-degree copper wiring. The FHSH15 includes the necessary TKE2-3 heater control in its price.

The TKE electronic sauna control, a standard feature for all Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heaters, offers significant advancements in sauna accuracy, convenience, and safety through its electronic low voltage, Class 2 control system.

Sauna rocks are included with each unit to enhance the sauna experience.

Please click here and follow this formula before choosing the size of your Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heater.

For any questions or customization inquiries regarding the Homecraft FHSH Commercial Sauna Heater, feel free to contact us at, or call us at (519) 880-9600 or toll-free at 1 866-502-3327.

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