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Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator

Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator

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Unwind and relax with this Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator with all of its refreshing and healthful benefits. Enveloped by warm moist steam, fatigue and tension in your body dissolve into the mist and are washed away.

  • 16"L X 12.5"W X 9"H
  • Steam Lines and Head Required: 2
  • Watts: 6000KW
  • Fuse Size at 208 Volts: 40 A
  • Fuse Size at 240 Volts: 40 A
  • HZ: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Maximum Size of Steam Room (cubic feet): 260
  • Available in Four Finishes
  • Comes with Electronic Drain Feature

Note: Depending on wall and ceiling construction, such as tile on cement board, synthetic marble, glass blocks or natural stone, a larger steam generator may be required.

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