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Tylö Sense Combi Heater

Tylö Sense Combi Heater

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Sense Combi adds variation to your pleasure. It is the most sophisticated heater on the market offering a traditional dry sauna, and a steam or herbal sauna in one room. The Tylö Sense Combi Heater is equipped with stand-by mode and ”divided output” to ensure an energy-efficient sauna experience. A built-in dispenser for dried fresh natural herbs or liquid essences for pleasing fragrances and aromas.

You can choose 7kW or 8kW wall-mounted heater or order the optional legs to convert the Tylö Sense Combi Heater to a floor-mounted heater.

Comes with Tylo Pure Digital Control Panel for exterior wall.

Optional Elite Control, programmable and has Wifi App connectivity, Upgrade is an additional $1299 for the Tylö Sense Combi Heater.

17"W X 22"H X 13.25"D

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